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Agromill Bulgaria AD is a long traditional Bulgarian company in processing of paddy rice. For nearly 90 years Agromill's activities have been focused on rice milling.

The company has been established in 1928 and operated until 2004 as Bulgarian Rice Factory, when the name has been changed to Agromill Bulgaria in order to cover the extended range of activities, like wheat milling, grain storage and trade.

Regardless several changes in the ownership of the company, including being state one for the period 1947-1997, the Bulgarian tradition has been kept.

Nowadays Agromill is a private company, looking for modern technologies and equipment, following a program for high quality, effective and competitive production.

Quality policy

At Agromill Bulgaria AD, quality means not just excellent products but also excellent relations with our customers at every level. We strive to supply products that provide value for money and full satisfaction to customer by meeting his expectation of quality.

We have worked for our current position by always maintaining a strict quality policy. In cooperation with our initial suppliers and by using modern production methods we are able to ensure maximum product safety.