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Our products are selected with care and have all required qualities to give a full satisfaction to our clients. We always choose the finest raw material because our primary goal is to offer our clients the best product. To ensure the optimum quality production, our each manufacturing process is separately and minutely tested under stringent conditions.

The basic goal of Agromill Bulgaria AD as a rice milling factory is to transform paddy rice into white rice, while giving it a good appearance and selecting the best quality grain for our customers.

We also produce wheat flour types 500, 650, 1150, wholemeal flour, packed in 50, 25, 5 and 1 kg bags. Made from the selective wheat grains, our wheat flour products are universally renowned for their superior quality.

Wheat flour

Wheat flour, packed in 50, 5 and 1 kg
bags, type: 500, 700, 1150


White and brown (cargo) rice, packed in 50, 5 and 1 kg bags, variety: Osmanchik, Selenio, Mizia, Rapan read more...

Public warehouse

Public warehouse for grain storage
against issuance of warehouse receipts